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Don't give up hope! Loan Modification
9 out of 10 Homeowners qualify for a loan modification   Forensic Audit

Our staff of professionals specialize in loan modifications and have years of experience negotiating on behalf of homeowners with some of the nation's leading lenders and financial institutions. Each month we help hundreds of homeowners save their most important asset  THEIR HOME. We work with you to prepare a loan modification presentation which will make your lender take notice, and most importantly, say yes. We accomplish this by gathering all pertinent information up front and include these documents with a financial analysis, local real estate report and evaluation in order to offer a full and complete legal loan modification presentation to your lender. This greatly improves your chances of obtaining a successful modification.

  Short Sale
  Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  Forbearance Agreement
  Loan modifications rise; many don't pare payments Foreclosure prevention efforts grow, but fewer than half of loan modifications reduce payments when homeowners do it on their own....
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We provide mortgage help and foreclosure prevention assistance we negotiate successful home mortgage loan modifications, modify your mortgage loan and save your house.  

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